Our Club is dedicated to the preservation and use of 60's American Muscle Cars from the period of 1955 to 1974. We are in essence, a social club that shares a passion for these classic vehicles.

To join as a Single or Joint Member, you must own a 2-door performance car manufactured in the USA between Jan 1955 and Dec 1974. Prospective members without a complying car can join as an Associate. Associate members can enjoy all the social activities of the club but do not have voting rights.

Membership entitles you to attend our events, enjoy the company and advice of members, access the club forum and Facebook sites, receive regular newsletters, purchase club merchandise and access discounts at participating motoring supply houses. 

Our club also has the ability to approve ‘club permits’ for club eligible vehicles for ACTIVE members.  For long term active members we will also approve permits where they also have other American cars, utilities and sports pickups from the same 1955 to 1974 time period (details club by law schedule 2).

Fees: The annual membership fee (Jan - Jan, payable by the 1st March each year)
is $60 for Single Membership, and $90 for Joint Membership. Separate Club Permit fees also apply.

Applications for Membership are best submitted in person by attending one of our meetings, a cruise or social event. We would welcome you to come along and meet some of the people before making your decision. Each new membership is approved by the Committee. Once you have submitted the application form, there will be a short delay while the Committee processes the application. Payment will then be accepted on approval of the application.

Accepted applicants will be provided with a “welcome pack” which consists of a membership card, key ring, window decals and club documentation.

CLICK HERE to download an Application Form. (New members)
This form can be filled in onscreen then printed, or printed blank and manually filled in.

CLICK HERE to download a renewal form. (Existing members)

We expect ‘Club Permit’ holders to attend at least 2 club events a year and to have your log book countersigned by a Committee member to verify attendance.

You are required to be a financial member of the Club for 3 months before a Club Permit Application will be approved (unless special dispensation is granted by the Committee).
The Club charges $30 for new and subsequent renewals of ‘Club Permits’. VICROADS Permit info

CLICK HERE to view Club requirements and application forms. VICROADS Application Forms
60's AMCC
P.O. Box 2033